Unhappy Hipsters

It's said that people mock what they don't understand: unless they're mocking you, in which case they're probably just your parents, and they know. Turning their mocking Interweb guns on the pretentious, Unhappy Hipsters.Because "It's Lonely in the Modern World," UH is a MST3K-like blog that posts carefully staged photos of mod rooms/houses and their accompanying emotionally distant/tragically pensive owners who're meticulously picked apart with commentary so clever and biting, it should be on The Vampire Diaries, dating Paul Wesley. Choice highlights include:• A hep man, coffee cup in hand, gazes longingly out the window of his stark white living room while his wife thumbs through a coffee-table book: "The things that once so defined him -- shag carpeting, Room & Board sofas, monogamy -- now suffocated him."• With lush green palms covering the long elevated walkway, two men (one holding a turquoise tote) stand at the door of a simple grey, cargo containerish house: "No, the password is not Mr. Baseball."• A guy feverishly works in his home office while wearing a t-shirt adorned with a cheetah that appears to be staring directly at a stuffed reindeer several feet from the desk: "The reindeer had tolerated the cheetah's posturing -- up until today."• A trendy urban dweller stares out the balcony doorway of his glass-walled apt strategically decorated with Middle Eastern-themed throw pillows and a lone hookah beside the stereo: "He couldn't stand another night with that smug hookah."Or, if you prefer to read the captions first and guess what the pic probably looks like -- and who wouldn't (!) -- UH also posts live on the Twitter, which you would love to mock, if only you had some followers.