Win Big With Thrillist

In an ABSOLUT® world, even the kingliest dinners would be free, every man would own a signed Sox jersey, and every street corner would be staffed by a friendly, large-handed woman hoping to give you a chair massage on the house. While there will be no massage, Thrillist is offering you a shot at the Sox jersey and the dinner, plus some sweet ABSOLUT® BOSTON drinks.

Because a man of your extreme handsomeness deserves special consideration, Thrillist is getting you ready for the playoffs by offering a select Thrillist reader a signed Red Sox jersey as well as a bountiful feast for two at Bacco, the vaunted North End restaurant famed for dishes like Veal Florentine and Chicken Saltimbocca (but oddly, not Chicken Saltimbacco). Beyond the jersey, appetizer and entrée, you'll also get a limo ride to and from, and two cocktails made with limited edition, elderflower & black tea-tastic ABSOLUT® BOSTON:

ABSOLUT® BOSTON HOMERUN • 1 part ABSOLUT BOSTON • 2 parts white grape juice • Top with ginger ale Serve over ice in a highball glass.

ABSOLUT® BOSTON MOJITO • 1 ½ parts ABSOLUT BOSTON • ¾ part gresh lime juice • ½ part simple syrup • 4 mint leaves • Top with soda water In a shaker, muddle mint leaves with simple syrup and lime juice, add ABSOLUT BOSTON. Shake and pour into highball glass, top with soda.

ABSOLUT® envisioned ABSOLUT® BOSTON as the ultimate distillation of this fair city. To win the jersey and dinner, submit a description of your quintessential Boston moment in 50 words or less, whether it's the first time you saw the Green Monster, or that totally weird thing that happened to you on the Freedom Trail. Win, and unlike on the Oregon Trail, you won't end up starving.

In an ABSOLUT® world, everyone gets a piece of the wall; plus you get a signed jersey and a free dinner. Take your shot at the prize by emailing your moment to Grab more info at WITH ABSOLUT RESPONSIBILITY® ABSOLUT® Vodka. Product of Sweden. 40% Alc./Vol. Distilled From Grain. ©2009 Imported by Absolut Spirits Co., New York, NY.