Win the Rugby Holiday Wardrobe

Never a man's preferred activity, hunting for new clothes is especially galling during the feverish holidays -- which makes it all the more tragic that winter is so unkind to those who'd rather walk around naked than shop. For a handsome and hassle-free upgrade, enter to win the Rugby Holiday Wardrobe. Yes, you magnificent bastard: simply slide in your info at, and you could receive a grand prize $2000 gift card, a 1st place $1000 card, or, for the runner-up, a $500 card, plus the knowledge that he is indisputably the third most special person in America. Once entered, cruise the site to see how easy it is to satisfy all your 'tis-the-seasonal needs with the Perfect 10, a countdown of gifts for everyone on your list, including classics, signature pieces, unexpected items, and create-your-style options from the Make Your Own and Varsity Shops -- an opportunity to flash a little creativity, or set the fashion world back a perfect 10 years. Entering is so easy, a 2nd tier hair-metal drummer could do it. Just go to and give them your goods -- then, if the chill's been especially unflattering to your obstinate nudity, try stepping into a warm bath.

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