Sometimes the only way to make it through work is to lose yourself in adventurous daydreams, like turning on the ladies of St. Petersburg during your top-secret spy mission, or turning off the spyware on your work computer, so you can look at the For stuff that turned from daydreams to craft reality, YOUgNeek.

From a former Wall Street derivatives trader, YgN's artist-in-chief, dabbling inventor, and "spy enthusiast" hand makes a super-secret collection of "unique products for the geek in you" including Bond-esque wearable tools and toys, specialty clocks, and housewares, all crafted from within the most clandestine, danger-fraught locale imaginable: her Randolph garage. 007-styled gadgets include a mini switchblade attached to one of three chains (silver, stainless, or rubber cord), complete with a tiny diamond-coated metal knife sharpener; a 2-inch LED flashlight keychain hidden inside a fake pack of Marlboros; and silver cufflinks made from working vintage mini lighters (originally sold out of gumball machines in the 1950s) that fit any sleeve and come in a signature gift tin with extra flint, wick, and a stern warning about not lighting your suit on fire -- don't tell me how to live, gift tin! YgN also builds crazy geeky space action like the customizable Star Wars Starships and Fighters clock w/ the movie's logo in the middle and your choice of hand-finished black/pewter Micro Machine ships (X-Wing, Snowspeeder, Millenium Falcon) positioned around the dial; plus a 12-inch brushed metal clock with math/physics symbols (Apery's Constant, Electron Mass, Bohr Radius) positioned in lieu of numbers called "I'll Meet You at PI for Pie" -- or "I'm Pretty Sure I Wasn't Popular In High School".

In addition to the 60+ items listed on the site, YgN has over 400+ gizmos and gadgets created out of anything from tape measures and tire gauges to sextants and skeleton keys; to get the full list, just send her an email -- which you'd totally do, if you didn't now have to spend all your time on Jobs.Boston.Gov.