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Year founded: 1815
Location: Port Ellen (Islay), Scotland
Owner: Beam Suntory
Widely available? Yes

Around 1800, the Johnston brothers Donald and Alexander, farmers on the island of Islay, began distilling excess barley illegally. When the scotch coming out of their distillery began to develop a reputation, the brothers Johnston officially founded Laphroaig. In 1923, the distillery began aging its whiskies in American bourbon casks, and to this day, it still uses an old-fashioned malting floor. The distillery now offers a variety of whiskies aged in different woods to impart unique flavors and aromas, but all maintain the smoky, peaty fire of Islay.

Trivia: Donald Johnston is believed to have died in 1847 by falling into a vat of whisky.

In pop culture: Laphroaig has appeared in various movies over the past decade, including Chloe (2009), Greenberg (2010) and Water For Elephants (2011).


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