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Year founded: 1992
Location: San Francisco
Owner: Gruppo Campari
Widely Available? Yes

According to brand lore, Skyy was first created by engineer Maurice Kanbar who wanted a better, cleaner, crisper vodka Martini. Kanbar used his scientific experience to identify the primary issue with competing vodkas: congeners, by-products of distillation that add flavor and color to spirits. Kanbar clarified his vodka to an extreme, quadruple distilling and triple filtering it to remove any impurities. According to its creator, the resulting product contains undetectable levels of congeners. Skyy’s marketing hinges on Kanbar’s distillation method, as well as the signature blue bottle, which was introduced within the first year of production. Made only with American water and grains grown in the Midwest, Skyy is the current leading premium domestic vodka in the US.

Trivia: While trying to think of a name for his new vodka, Kanbar took inspiration from his apartment’s view of the San Francisco skyline and the vivid blue sky above.


  • Skyy Original
  • Skyy Blood Orange
  • Skyy Cherry
  • Skyy Citrus
  • Skyy Coconut
  • Skyy Coastal Cranberry
  • Skyy Georgia Peach
  • Skyy Honeycrisp Apple
  • Skyy Moscato Grape
  • Skyy Pacific Blueberry
  • Skyy Passion Fruit
  • Skyy Pineapple
  • Skyy Raspberry
  • Skyy Texas Grapefruit
  • Skyy Tropical Mango
  • Skyy Vanilla Bean
  • Skyy Wild Strawberry