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Broadening your beer horizons can be expensive and, unless you're downing 20 steins a sitting, frustratingly time consuming. To taste a malty cornucopia in one session, head to Brewtopia, October 20-21 at the Javits.

Brewtopia is NYC's biggest and longest running series of beer tasting events: 400+ offerings from over 100 of the world's best breweries. The procedure's simple: you're handed a 5oz souvenir glass when you walk in. You then have 4hrs to fill it with everything in the house -- the only limit's your own ability to act responsibly/maintain a sophisticated charade 'til you pass out on an 11th Avenue mailbox.

A taste of what you'll be drinking:

Great Belgians: You'll discover the unpronounceable deliciousness of 'T Smisje Blond, Hanssens Outbeitje, and BBBourgondier -- so good, you'll develop a stutter.

Great Americans: Oskar Blues (Lyons, CO) produces a pale ale that the New York Times rated best in America. Ommegang (Cooperstown, NY) makes Belgian-style brews so authentic, Duvel actually bought them -- yet another example of Flemish economic imperialism run amuck.

Great randoms: Japanese beers you've never seen in a sushi joint, Miraculous Jewbelation from Shmaltz Brewing Co., plus hooch from Long Island Meadery -- besides "Ample Bosom Bodices, Inc", the only successful business venture ever hatched at a Renaissance fair.

So hit Brewtopia, and slurp your way to well roundedness. Just remember that responsibility thing -- commandeering a booth for a rowdy game of Cask Ale Quarters will get you the b-b-boot.