Cork & Kerry at the Park

Having an established rep doesn't mean replacing a local icon will be smooth -- seriously, just ask Macy's, or whatever veteran's eventually brought in to put Jay Cutler down. Assuaging fears as they replace a favorite watering hole, Cork & Kerry at the Park

Taking the place of recently-shuttered Southside stalwart Jimbo's, C&KATP is a new Cell-friendly watering hole from the same folks who run the beloved Beverly original, set up as a 70-seat brick and wood-trimmed shrine to the Sox, decked with photos of old Comiskey; they're even selling memorabilia from what looks like a dugout rack (just don't call them Cubby holes). Unlike the booze-only original, the new outpost rocks a full menu of corned beef & cabbage Irish egg rolls, gravy-and-provolone-slathered Italian sausage meatball sliders, and buttermilk/celery salt dip served alongside bloody mary wings, whose names don't need to be said three times to make you scream while looking in a mirror. Later innings're handled by the likes of the Kerry Club (chicken topped with Irish bacon and a fried egg), Old Style-battered fish 'n chips w/ tartar and malt vinegar, and burgers including the Eastern European, loaded with sauerkraut, gouda, kielbasa and Polish mustard, the closing of which requires one person to hold lid while four others spin him

Hooch-wise there's a full bar with 10 taps, two of which will be reserved for the visiting team (Sam Adams and Magic Hat for the Red Sox, etc), a conceit they're extending to the Home/Visitor lineup-card style menus, e.g., the Royals = BBQ, the Mariners = salmon, and the Yankees = tons of NY crap in one of your favorite places.