Brixton Ltd Hats

No matter how sweet the brim curl or awesome the slogan, baseball caps can still make you look like a little leaguer or a lacrossing date-rapist. For a dash of cranial variety: Brixton Ltd. hats

Brixton's skillful juxtaposition of formal and street has helped make this premium haberdasher scarily popular in SoCal. Their expertly constructed, old-timey chapeaux are made of the finest materials, from the Castor Straw Fedora or Hooligan Snap Cap (for that "Depression-era swagger" look), to the short-billed Pinch or the Soviet-style Busker (for that "Depression-era political bloodbath" look). Hidden details like rich silk linings will soothe your inner gentleman of leisure, even as you rakishly steal your neighbor's paper.

To make classing up your head-wardrobe even easier, Brixton's hats range from $30 to $45 -- meaning you can cap up appropriately on those rare occasions when you're not menacing strangers with an aluminum bat or your man-meat.