Brooklyn Boulders

Brooklyn's the go-to borough for hitting big outlets, like IKEA, or, when you realize it'd be faster to just build a damn cabinet yourself, Home Depot. For the big box of rock climbing, hit Brooklyn Boulders, taking memberships now.

An immense 30 ft ceiling'd, 18k sqft climbatorium rigged up with Brooklyn Bridge-like archways separating faux cliff faces and cinderblocks tagged by local graffers (Peek, Diva, Ewok, Kstar, etc), BB's the first biz from a trio of MA frat brothers, one a pro kite surfer who passed up a sponsorship deal because he...didn't want to live on a beach his whole life? WTF? Boasting "probably more climbing wall area than all other walls in the five boroughs combined", BB offers five separate staging areas for everybody from hardcore monkeys ("negative slope" out-facing courses, upside down arches, etc) to weekend dabblers, in the form of several straight vertical ascents scalable by the scrawniest of men, even when not chased by Laser. Once fully opened, climbing will be open to all-comers for $20/day with your own gear, or $30/day with provided gear and basic instruction; you can also go for a non-transferable lifetime membership for $5k, though if you're dangling in the air enough to justify that, you really need to get belay'd.

BB's planning on throwing a few members-only events before soft opening to the public in two weeks, at which point you'll discover you're more facile shimmying up sheer faces than twiddling weird z-shaped tools.