Brooklyn Kitchen Labs

Women may dig a guy who can cook, but if impressing ladies was worth years of relentless courses you never would have dropped out of Clown College. Get edumacated at your own pace, at Brooklyn Kitchen Labs.With classes at their 700-sq-ft cookware shop selling out within minutes of being posted online (eat poo, Miley Cyrus!), the amateur chefs behind BK Kitchen have expanded next door into an old, brick-walled, bi-level warehouse more than ten times the size of the original, geared towards the "education of home cooks" and offered at affordable prices on an a la carte basis. With a two-storied, skylit main classroom, plus a more intimate "lab" upstairs, the new spot can accommodate up to 60; classes leverage neighborhood experts (McClure's Pickles, Kombucha Brooklyn, Sweet Deliverance...), and cover everything from basic sauces, to knife skills, to baking bread, to "how to boil water" -- if you're having trouble with that, good thing you aren't at the knife skills class. They're also dropping in The Meat Hook, a butcher shop presided over by former Marlow & Daughters meat master Tom Mylan and featuring whole animals ripe for dissection, from lambs, to pigs, to hulking sides of beef, all used in classes teaching the art of "reading the carcass"...though why would you read Bob Ryan when you can just watch him on Around the Horn?To fill out the robust offerings there's a "bulk room" rocking a vintage two-ton scale and stocked with oils, grains, spices and other supplies, a resource room filled with out of print cookbooks, a museum of esoteric cooking instruments, and a kitchenware shop peddling and renting home brewing supplies, a DIY opportunity to prove you don't need a degree to act like a clown.