Bespoke gear from yesteryear

Nostalgia for previous eras can be enchanting, a truth that explains why enormous turkey legs and staged jousting can actually get people to go to New Jersey. By bus. To experience a custom clothing brand similarly enraptured by the past, head the other direction, to Brooklyn Tailors.

From a Cali-cum-Clinton Hill husband-n-wife fashion vet team so inspired by the personal service & detail-oriented work of turn-of-the-century clothiers they created a bespoke clothing outfit to pay homage, BT's been quietly conducting viewings/fittings in the friendly confines of their own apartment, making awkward ball grazing improbably even more personal. Suits, predominantly made from 100% wool (but also avail in cotton, linen, and cashmere), are lined with classic horse hair canvas, which holds the jacket's shape and, unlike artificially-stiffened glue-fused linings, allows moisture to wick; other time-tested deets include functional cuff button holes, genuine buffalo horn buttons, and hand pick stitching (though when you need stitches it's time to stop picking altogether). Traditional plaid, gingham, and oxford dress shirts can be custom cut from recently-expanded fabric options that include flannel, chambray, pinpoint, and end-on-end (all made from 100% cotton woven in specialized Japanese mills), and're similarly adorned with everything from free floating canvas interlinings on cuffs/collars, to genuine mother of pearl buttons, which worry Pearl's fascination with cockles is perverse.

For intense agoraphobes, BT also just re-upped their Etsy site with a collection of pre-made shirts, and plans're underway for a line of pret a porte suits in their signature notch lapel'd, side vented, 2-button slim fit silhouette, a cut that'll evoke nostalgia for a previous era, specifically the one before you ate all those turkey legs.