Major League Dreidel Tournament

All sports have certain time-honored traditions, but sometimes you need to shake things up, like the NFL making the forward pass legal, no matter how much Suzy Kolber doesn't want to make out. Shaking up traditional Hanukkah games: The Major League Dreidel Tournament.

MLD's taken the centuries-old game and given it some extra jewce by giving 120 entrants a chance to out-spin their competition, a concept born in the "Knishioner's" mom's kitchen and already starting to attract a rabbi'd fan base. Facing off in the Spinagogue -- an arena of ever-contracting "spin zones" -- things start with a cumulative time qualifying round, narrowing the field down to a NCAA-style 64-man head-to-head tourney, with each round set up as a Best of Three until the Best of Five championship; the winner takes home the Crystal Dreidel Trophy and a year's supply of chocolate gelt, because while getting your money's worth is great, getting your candy's worth is greater. Kicking up the festivities're several performances, from the Young New Yorkers' Chorus belting out "Hanukkah Carols", to "the world's greatest air band" Category Sixx, to the Gods of Fire performing all eight songs from their album Hanukkah Gone Metal, 'cause nothing's more metal than being lit up for eight straight nights.

If you want to start your own tourney at home, they're even selling take-home versions of the Spinagogue, plus gear from hoodies, to trucker hats, to a thong -- if only Namath had been wearing one, you know Kolber would have been his wide receiver.