Published On 08/24/2009 Published On 08/24/2009
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1. Mishka 350 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11211

In-store today, Mishka's two-pronged drop includes a range of traditional-ish plaid/flannel/wool cut & sew items designed to stand the test of time, juxtaposed against a slew of street-chic tees and caps that will briefly soar towards the fashion sun before splashing into the depths of your armoire. Time-honored twists start off with button downs like the big-striped Loveless flannel in various colorways (green/black/cream, magenta/black/teal), French-collar'd numbers stitched from nails-head chambray cotton, and long-sleeve velour polos, as well as preptastic lambs wool cable-knit and broad striped sweaters; jackets run from flannel-detailed M-65 fleeces, to the double-breasted Mariner pea coat, to the shiny, hooded, slicker-like Spetsnaz, waterproof up to 32 ft of rainfall per day, at which point you should start gathering animals badgers.jpg. Walking the wild side're New Era hats with logos like a three-eyed black cat popping out of a top hat, and a clover with a fanged/horned skull for one of it's leafs, plus a slew of comic-book-style graphic tees with designs like Transformers-esque robots fronting a sunburst flame, a centaur romping with two naked ladies in the woods, and "Enter The Labyrinth", featuring an axe-wielding minotaur, because David Bowie's spandex moose knuckle was just too frightening. There's also a fresh selection of neon-flavored rucksacks, plaid belts, and selvage denim pants in both relaxed and skinny fits.