Thistle Hill Tavern

Unexpected pairings can produce momentous results -- Public Enemy and Anthrax virtually invented rap-rock with "Bring The Noise", and ten years later Method Man and Limp Bizkit virtually killed it. For grub from an unexpected pairing, hit up Thistle Hill.

From an investor quartet whose past experiences include 'inoteca LES, Niagara Bar, and...NOFX (seriously, Fat Mike yo), THT's a vintagely cozy Euro-inspired pub sporting a mint-condition mahogany floor (discovered after ripping up a foot of concrete), exposed brick walls (discovered after ripping down a...faux brick wall), a bench from the Brooklyn courthouse, and an 80-year-old wooden bar hauled down from Springfield, MA that now sports a tap made from an antique fire extinguisher, dousing your burning inferno of sobriety. Using primarily local ingredients to whip up Med-leaning grub they claim's inspired by BK's turn-of-the-century ethnic composition, the menu leans on hearty entrees like milk-braised pork belly w/ shrooms and pickled ramps; an all-day breakfast w/ house-made sausage, pancake, and farm egg; wild blue mussels w/ Brooklyn Pennant Ale & hot cherry peppers; and grilled octopus with baby 'chokes and soft polenta, which will get hard if it sees those hot cherry peppers. Those just dropping by for a light nosh can snag bar snacks of spiced nuts & seeds, green pea falafel, and house made pickles, or a cheese plate with options like Kunik (a goat/cow blend from NY), a French sheep's brie called Brebiou Coupe, and 5 Spoke Redmond Cheddar, traditionally flaired with Jesse Erasco rookie cards.

To wash it down the tap's doling pours of Belhaven Twisted Thistle IPA and Sixpoint Wheat, while all wines are avail by the glass, and there're libations like the Famous Grouse/Carpano Antico/orange bitters Thistle Hill Cocktail and the sweet tea vodka/lemonade John Daly, named for a man who proved pairing a daily fifth of whiskey, divorce, and a raging gambling addiction can have the momentous result of...winning the British Open!