Crepe Crave

People often go to Europe to find themselves, but what they usually find are other Americans, who're willing to go to the Hard Rock Cafe Paris with them, then give them the clap. Bringing another Euro-find back with them, Crepe Crave.

Opening tomorrow from college buddies who came back from Europe aghast at the quality of the local crepe action, CC is an inviting neighborhood cafe with eclectic local art and an old leather couch giving the place a lived-in feel, like your sweatpants, if they could pass city inspections. Breakfast crepes include the simple Canadian (maple, powdered sugar) as well as egged up offerings (Florentine with sun-dried tomatoes, Greek-style spinach/feta), which give way to later-in-the-day savories like the Chevre Bliss (fresh chevre plus turkey and veggies) and the ham/brie/Dijon Napoleon, which'll give you a complex, as the time it takes you to wolf it down is super short. Sweeter fare includes the Cheesecake, a sweet cheese mixture kicked with brown sugar and Graham, the PB/Nutella/banana Funky Monkey, and the Exotic Delight, which in crepe means pineapple, coconut, raisins, Nutella, and a splash of rum, and at Black Jacks, something entirely different.

Because sometimes crepes just aren't enough, they're serving up Illy coffee and more than a dozen flavors of gelato, with current seasonal options that include Dutch Apple Butter and Pumpkin Cheesecake, a flavor American backpackers may one day enjoy if Paris would ever step up and get a Cheesecake Factory.

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