The 8 Best Grills For Summer Cookouts

When summer comes, so does the urge to spend absolutely every possible moment outside. Because WINTER. IS. COMING.

Since you're not going to want to cook indoors from June to October, you'll need a top-notch grill, and we've done the research to find the best tool for the job. Here are some of the best out there to help your summer barbecues achieve maximum tastiness. 

The American Classic: Weber Master-Touch

Price: $200
This is the gold standard of grills. You can’t beat the charcoal taste, the perfect uniform heat of spread-out coals, and there’s something about that shape that just screams America. It worked for your grandfather, and it’ll sure as hell work for you.

The Gas Gold Standard: Weber Spirit E320 Gas Grill

Price: $550
The Sweethome called this their favorite. Our Deputy Editor, who used to review grills for, gave it an Editor's Choice Award. It's stainless and pretty, and delivers heat so evenly that you momentarily forget you aren’t using charcoal.

The Portable Gas Grill: Coleman NXT 300

Price: $280
Perfect for tailgating or small decks, the Coleman NXT 300 is pretty much the perfect small grill. It can handle 18 burgers, and its price leaves you with some extra cash to go for the grass-fed stuff.

The Do-It-All: The Big Green Egg

Price: $700
The Big Green Egg gives you a little bit of everything: it can be easily used as a grill, a smoker, or even an oven. The medium sized one shown here even has a specialized Pizza & Baking Stone EGGcessory (yeah, we know), so you can expand your palate beyond the typical grill fare.

The Pro Tool: Vermont Castings 425

Price: $1,980
If you’re going big, it’s hard to beat the Vermont Castings 425, unless you’re trying to do the whole non-freestanding “outdoor kitchen” thing. Beautifully designed with features like a built-in LED light and rotisserie, this grill will keep you from using your stove until it snows.

The Portable Charcoal Grill: Weber Smokey Joe Premium

Price: $40
If you don’t have any space or budget for a big grill, there’s no reason you can’t still cook like a caveman. Small but mighty, the Smokey Joe gets it done the old fashioned way.

The Backwoods Option: Sporte MITI-001

Price: $55
This minimalist masterpiece is for the type of guy who catches and prepares his own dinner. Any grill that doesn't work without a well split log and man-made fire is the type of grill we'd love to take on our next backwoods adventure.

The Indoor Stopgap: George Foreman

Price: $70
If you truly can’t cook with fire (sigh), the George Foreman is, in fact, better than nothing. You will get made fun of, you will feel bummed every time you put it on the counter and look out your window, but that’ll all go away the moment you take a bite of that juicy steak.

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