California Castle

The classic bachelor party challenge: making a soon-to-be-shackled buddy feel like a king just before he becomes a slave. Get medieval on his ass at the California Castle

Rising from the hills outside Palm Springs, CA, the CC is a walled-off kingdom of debauchery. The sprawling 2-acre complex holds up to 25 of your rowdiest Sirs and is decorated with coats of arms, shining armor, etc. The crown jewel: the feudal-tastic Castle Room. Perfect for Arthur-esque mayhem, 12 of you can convene around the enormous round table to slosh down flagons of wine and toast the groom -- then not-so-tactfully tell him he's marrying a wench.

Interspersed throughout the fief are more modern amenities like HDTV plasmas, a castle-wide audio system, Xbox 360, pool and poker tables, a steam room, a small gym, and a castle balcony bar. Just like at Elsinore, there are two Jacuzzis, tennis courts, and a giant pool where you can let your king defend his fiancee's honor in an armor-clad chicken fight joust to the death

If you need to mingle with commoners, downtown Palm Springs is a mere 20mins away. There, you'll find numerous golf courses, restaurants, and bars, and a shocking plethora of "men's massage" parlors -- where unlike Hamlet, you're guaranteed a happy ending.