Flying Coffin

True artists can look to anything for inspiration, from the iconic simplicity of a Campbell's Soup can, to their own inability to afford a can of Campbell's Soup, or even of the Sav-On brand. Drawing inspiration from the uninspired, Flying Coffin tees.

From a Seattle designer influenced by "punk, hardcore, metal, design, graffiti, and so many other things I can't remember right now", FC's new fall line is loosely themed on doom and stoner rock, music that generally only inspires people to re-watch Ice Pirates. Hand printed graphic steez includes "Supercoven" (wild-haired witch clutching a goofy one-eyed skull, flanked by "Flying Coffin" in vivid purple graffiti), "Bolts" (signature winged coffin crisscrossed by lightning), and "Monolith", on which druids gather at the foot of a stylized altar under a gloomy solar-eclipse, fortuitous darkness, because druids are ugly. Also on offer are sweatshirts ("Crossed Out", with "FC" repeated in a purple band across the chest) and hoodies (one with a tattered FC logo flag on the back), and even a logger-inspired glow-in-the-dark cap called "Neo Buffalo", which, despite being highly visible, can blurily dodge the bullets of the sharpest of hunters.

Also available at FC's online store: 1/2-price older styles like "Virgin Awaits" (girl shrouded in white reclining on bed) and "Guardian", depicting a cyborg-lion devouring a human head -- which he wouldn't have to do if he could only pony up for a can of Chunky Beef Barley.