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Lounge in Capitol Hill gets a little wild

They say if at first you don't succeed, try, try again and, if that doesn't work, try at least three more times, then name your place after a society whose primary subsistence method involves the direct procurement of edible plants and animals from the wild. Following that advice to the tee; the dudes behind The Hunter Gather Lodge.

Opened in the War Room space by the same guys behind the former nightlife mainstay, one of whom's held the lease since before he could drink and remodeled the spot five times, the Lodge is eschewing its dance club history by losing the stage and dramatically shrinking the dance floor, in favor of a more laid-back lounge-y vibe, meaning they didn't have to acquire a new sprinkler system, though who knows what's going to happen when the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire. The totally redone dark cedar/oak-heavy interior's overtly NW inspired w/ slate rock lining the back room's outsized main bar and enclosing the front room's DJ booth; there's also a wall of live ivy studded with stuffed deer heads overlooking the lounge's black booths, some of which -- in order to accommodate bottle service -- will be stocked with their own mini-fridge, also the name of William Perry's super limited edition Starting Lineup figurine. The spot's sipping menu includes signature 'tails ranging from the Aperol/ vodka/lime juice/orange bitters Aperol Rickey, to The Roundhouse w/ Booker Noes bourbon, Navan Vanilla Cognac, Lillet Blanc, orange bitters & an absinthe rinse, to the Applejack/lemon juice/ginger brandy/apple juice Ginger Crush, which is also the sequel to a popular surfing film featuring Alyson Hannigan, since Kate Bosworth has a soul.

For those who prefer outdoor tippling, the Lodge also has the hoods' only roof-top deck that's trimmed in cedar and furnished w/ potted Japanese Maples and park-style benches -- so if at first you don't find a seat, sigh, sigh again.