NY streetwear in The Town

Everyone has their own idea of what it means to be American; for some it's baseball and apple pie, while others think it's working for a fast food restaurant in Queens where you eventually catch the eye of the owner's daughter, only to be temporarily foiled by a dude with a sticky perm, but on the plus side, your royal penis is clean. For clothing whose colors don't bleed, maybe because they're pre-washed; Mishka

Just dropped in Seatown, street-fitter Mishka's latest is a creepily cool take on traditional Americana stylings with flannels/sweaters/ tees/denim that're "one part classic American hunter and one part juvenile delinquent", also a great way to describe yourself if you plan on never finding a job. The collections are built around reinvented, colorful, flannel pieces like the lined "work" style Cody Plaid Hawkeye Shirt in faded melon or teal, the tweaked cowboy style Entwistle Flannel in a range of colors including black w/ subtle pink and teal stripes, and two Seattle grunge inspired joints, the Thayil Plaid named after Soundgarden's bassist, and for Pearl Jam guitarist Stone, the Gossard Plaid in a rugged look that'll hopefully stop everyone from calling you daughter. Rounding things out are heavy durable leg-wear (12 ounce, blended Dmitri Wool Slacks), coats (toggle-closured wool Paddington Duffle), tees (the Autobot/Decepticon inspired Cycobot and Kwpticon both w/ old-schoolish Transformers logos over the line's name in Cyrillic), and sweater cleverness, with a three-eyed black cat-in top hat Bad Luck knit and one adorned w/ a horned skull/Mary Jane motif called Sweet Leaf, which despite that sweetness, probably shouldn't have been taken ahead of Charles Woodson.

Miska's also got accessories like scarves, comically logo'd baseball caps, childishly Crayola colored Backpacks and even round throw pillows with their signature bloodshot eye, a symptom that helps you with another American pastime, (not) Coming to Work.