Shirts, handmade in Seattle

They say that business and friends don't mix, and it's hard to argue, considering Matt LeBlanc thinks Warren Buffett is a delicious all-you-can-eat restaurant north of Detroit. For a business from a group of friends interested in more than baseball movies featuring monkeys, hit up Pun(c)tuation By Tarboo.A collaboration between a Hood Canal clothier and a Seatown artist, both of whom are part of the extended group of friends behind Cap Hill's Pun(c)tuation, PBT has taken that art gallery/event space's back room and turned it into a retail spot where you can buy vintage stuff from NW brands (Filson, Pendleton, Nike), in addition to their first collection of limited edition wool/cotton button-downs made from local seconds and deadstock, but not local dead stocks, since buying WAMU's the reason you lost your shirt in the first place. The slightly slim fitting shirts (boasting tailored sleeves with a single button and notched cuffs), are all individually numbered and hand-sewn in Pioneer Square, starting with the wool felt-elbow/shoulder pad decked cotton Hunting Shirt, which will hopefully never end up at Good Will. PBT's also slinging a solid grey cotton Round Collar dress shirt; their Staple Shirt in a variety of plaids like an outdoorsy green/navy number, and a red/brown version w/ offset chest pocket; and The Eddie, which is a solid wool dress job with a spread collar, also what the cop called it when he finally caught that murderous maniac from Contra.Future plans include a wider range of mostly button-ables (and probably some lady shirts), while in the shorter term PBT's offering 15% off everything in the space (except the art) as part of the Pike N' Pine holiday shopping weekend that includes deals at stores like Babeland and 35th North, also what Matt LeBlanc thinks is the end to a committed day of watching Peter's videos.