Serious cocktails in Pike-Pine

Mexico has many activities; from surfing the white sand beaches of Cancun, to diving the jagged cliffs of Acapulco, to waking up inside a fake crypt in a horribly impoverished puebla in Southern Mexico and finding out your vast fortune's been siphoned from your accounts by an attractive waitress named Christine. For a spot that's the product of a similarly exciting trip, Still Liquor.

Just opened in a cavernous, concrete-walled 1920s garage, this reclaimed wood-heavy drink spot fitted w/ mismatched furniture was built by two locals who went on a Mexican vacation after losing their jobs flipping houses, and brought back the idea to open a bar, along with several hilarious "Puerto Vallarta Drinking Team" tees. The no-frills "cocktails done rightly" menu includes a Cruzan Black Strap/ginger beer/lime/bitters Dark and Stormy, a Maker's Mark/muddled cucumber/ginger Dragon's Toe, and the Tipperary w/Jameson/sweet vermouth/green chartreuse; there's also a bunch of vodka/gin goodness ranging from the French 76 (vodka/sparkling wine/lemon) to the Plymouth gin/lime/green chartreuse/maraschino liqueur Last Word, aka "cab". The non-hard stuff includes a range of Mexican cervezas (Tecate, Pacifico, Negra Modelo); as well as a not-just-the-usual list of red ('07 Pico Maccario Lavignone Baebera D'asti), white ('09 Ponga Sauv Blanc) and sparkling wines including Moet Chandon White Star which, despite an influx of Europeans, is really just Steve Nash.

Still has no plans to serve food, but they do plan to put up a sign, replace the temporary curtains, and whatever else they missed racing to open up so they could replace the money siphoned off by contractors, alcohol distributors, and evil waitresses who drug you, don't sleep with you, and then still have the gaul to show up at your big party after you've fallen through a skylight.