Food & Drink

'Nawlins-style eats from a truck

New Orleans has provided us with so much: an eclectic Afro-European fusion culture, a unique jazz sound, and alligators who, despite numerous gar-on-tees, totally suck at catching Ninja Turtles. Garontee-ing you authentic New Orleans grub, Where Ya At Matt, launching tomorrow.

After growing up in a family of cooks, New Orleans-born Canlis vet Matt Lewis's serving up Creole-style mainstays inspired by grub from famous NOLA spots, all from a fully-kitchened 27ft mobile resto arted with iconic jazz/Mardi-Gras-repping images, and decked with a fully retractable awning, a Second Line/brass band bumping sound system, and a name that comes from the only-used-in-'Nawlins greeting, "Where Ya At?" (um... New Orleans, probably?). Yat's offerings start with signature Po' Boy-style sandos (served "dressed" w/ lettuce, pickle, tomato) like Fried Oyster, Fried Shrimp, or Blackened Shrimp; the Big Bold Pork w/Granny Smith apple slaw, grilled onions & cilantro pesto; and the bacon/cheddar/Mama Lil's pickles/lemon aioli/fried oyster Peacemaker that, according to the Bible, is blessed, for it will be the children of God's lunch, or something. Other tastiness ranges from a Muffuletta w/ ham, mortadella, soppressata, coppa, provolone, Swiss & house made olive salad, to Aunt Rosie's Andouille/chicken/shrimp/oyster/crab/smoked tomato gumbo, to the slow roasted Painted Hills Roast Beef with Debris, which FEMA will totally help you clean up you'll probably want to take care of on your own.

For dessert Yat's got Herkimer coffee to go with dropped-to-order confectioner's-sugar-topped beignets inspired by those served at Cafe Du Monde, which they're planning to serve late-night in a TBD Cap Hill location -- so unlike the Turtles battling Leatherhead, you'll most likely be stuck in line fighting off dudes in Leatherpants.