Own The Porsche That Started It All

The Porsche 356 wasn't the fastest Porsche ever made, nor was it the most luxurious, but it's the car that put the company on the map. Sure, Porsche's namesake founder already had plenty of fame for a certain people's car named after a winged insect, but the 356 was the company's announcement that small, lightweight sports cars were a segment it wanted to dominate.

This one's a Karmann-bodied coupe (yes, the same company that built the very similar Ghia), one of just over 1,000 ever built. It's up for sale next month at RM's Hershey auction, and it's beautiful.

It only had 75 horsepower, and yet it was fun to drive because it handled so well. The car was basic in the sense that it wasn't loaded down with frills, but everything it had, it had in very high quality, like those gorgeous leather seats and gauges that epitomize what it means to be simple but beautiful.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. Follow him on Twitter, where he owns zero Porsches despite an ever-growing desire for one.