The most fun you can have in a Fiat

During the sixties, Fiat started tinkering with their mainstream 600D, and eventually people started to get the idea that they could be good little racers, especially on tight and twisty circuits like the ones Mini kept dominating. So they evolved the car to make it better, culminating in this 1967 Fiat Abarth 1000TC Berlina Corsa, up for grabs this week at RM's Arizona auction.

Whereas a normal Fiat 600 had anywhere between 25 and 32 horsepower under the hood, this one's actually got 110 under the... um... place where a hood would normally be. In a car that barely weighs over 1000 pounds, that's more than enough to push you back into your seat.

Not that you'd really run the risk of slipping out of your seat, considering it's a proper racing bucket with harnesses to keep you firmly planted at all times.

The crazy light-weight, stiff suspension and wider stance, combined with these wide tires, means this thing can corner with just about anything. It was so good, in fact, that the SCCA actually banned the car from competing in 1971 — it simply wasn't fair to anyone not in the Fiat.