The most extreme muscle car of the 1970s

Originally designed to lure Nascar legend Richard Petty away from team Ford, this Plymouth Road Runner Superbird is the "perfect storm" of muscle cars: powerful, insane looking, and really, really rare. 

The Superbird was powered by the most epic sounding engine ever: the 440 Super Commando Six Barrel V8, which easily pushed the four-speed transmission beyond 200 mph.

Oh and that four-on-the-floor transmission? It was bolted to this shift lever, made by Hurst to resemble what must have been a medieval torture device. Brutally awesome.

The car was aerodynamically tuned for the race track, which meant that all of the crazy styling was completely useless untill you hit 60 mph. Nobody has ever cared about this detail. 

"Meep meep!"

In the 70s this was about the only view of the Superbird you could hope to have as it blew past your jalopy going Mach one.