Johnny Cash's Rolls-Royce Is For Sale

[Author's Note: For a proper reading experience, put on "Ring of Fire" or any other Johnny Cash song before continuing.]

It doesn't matter if you call him by his real name or simply "The Man In Black"—Johnny Cash was an American legend with a style that, despite being monotone, was unmistakably his. For those with only a cursory familiarity of his life and times, he hosted his own eponymous variety show, and The Johnny Cash Show was so successful that ABC rewarded him with a gift...the 1970 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow that you see here.

It's up for auction at Barrett-Jackson, and it's pretty sweet.

ABC ordered the car in 1970, with both the long wheelbase and long door options, so that Johnny could be chauffeured around in as much luxury as possible.

The car was completely built to order, which is why there are gold "JRC" initials on the rear doors, and why it comes with an electronic privacy partition between the driver's area and the back seat.

Not that the driver's area is anything to sneeze at. It's exactly the same as any other Silver Shadow, which means miles of Connolly leather and a few trees-worth of wood for the dashboard.

Overall, the Silver Shadow was fairly advanced for its day, using plenty of aluminum for body panels like the trunk and the hood to keep weight down. It worked, sort of: the car does weigh less than most tanks. The rear of the car is actually controlled by a hydraulic leveling system that raises and lowers the car to maintain nearly perfect ride quality.

Underneath that massive aluminum hood is a 412 cid V8 putting out roughly 190 hp, which is enough to get the car up to speed without disturbing anyone in back.

And of course, sitting up front is the Spirit of Ecstasy. Not bad for a guy who never wore anything but black.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He has the "Ring of Fire" stuck in his head now. Follow him on Twitter, where he doesn't discuss his poor taste in music.