Buy This 1974 911 Carrera, Because It’s Basically Everything

It goes without saying that the Porsche 911’s place in the pantheon of ultra cool, ultra stylish performance cars is secure. The only aspect that’s even debatable, really, is which 911 is the all-time best to ever drive out of Stuttgart. Up for sale at RM’s London auction, this 911 Carrera 2.7 MFI certainly makes a solid argument as the best classic Porsche that you wouldn’t be afraid to drive on the street.

The 1973 Carrera RS is legendary in its own right, and its image is often boosted by shops like Singer Vehicle Design. For 1974, the 911 underwent some major changes: a shorter nose lends a more compact appearance that’s more aggressive than its predecessor’s passive sporting intentions. It also features a more rigid chassis, which essentially translates to letting the suspension do its job, thus making the car handle even better.

Unlike prior Porsches, which often had different bumpers for different markets (thanks in no small part to American bumper regulations), the 1974 models looked the same the world over. That means everyone got that black bumper up front, and you could get this sweet, sweet rear end anywhere in the world.

Of course, some things are always going to be different. 1974 was a major year for US environmental legislation, which killed off a lot of the performance that manufacturers were bringing to the table. That included the 911, but this one wasn’t an American market car, so it’s got the all-singing, all-dancing, 210 hp mechanical fuel injection 2.7 liter air-cooled six cylinder.

In English, that means it has a proper, old school Porsche sound, one that’s accompanied by some fairly modern performance. Sixty mph happens in just over five seconds, and if you leave your foot down, you’ll eventually find yourself surpassing 150 mph.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. It’s impossible for him to own one of these, because he wouldn’t be able to resist taking it to the track.