Steve McQueen's Lauded Last Porsche Is On The Market

This Porsche is one of the earliest 911 Turbos made—built in 1976, just the second year of its production—and it belonged to none other than the "King of Cool" himself: Steve McQueen. It was the last Porsche he ever owned and is now up for sale, hitting the auction block at Mecum this summer.

To get a feel for how important this car is, watch this great short film. Then check out the 16 fantastic photos below to tell you everything you really need to know about it.

Porsche's original 911 Turbo, otherwise known as the 930, earned it its "Widowmaker" nickname not only by being fast, but by requiring ample skill to properly handle it. If you weren't a trained race car driver, you weren't ready to drive it. 

When the 930 was released in 1975, it was the first time Porsche sold a turbocharged car to the public. While most cars were still feeling the effects of the gas crisis, this Porsche had 234 hp. Mustangs and Camaros of the day saw less than 150 hp.

Naturally, McQueen wanted one so badly he custom ordered it to be almost exactly how he wanted it. Two mirrors, a sunroof, a rare shade of slate gray, and a limited slip differential to help the car's acceleration out of corners.

According to McQueen's son, Chad, the car was almost perfect. Steve did what car guys always do, of course, and almost immediately put wider wheels on it, which are still on the car.

He also had this switch installed on the dash. Per Chad, it was "to kill the brake lights in case he was being chased on Mulholland Drive." Classic.

Check out the rest of these amazing photos below, then hit up Mecum for a few tales from McQueen's life that revolve around this car.