Darth Vader's Buick Just Sold For $165,000

There was a time when the Buick GNX—aka Darth Vader's Car—could be considered one of the most underrated American cars ever produced. It's safe to say that time is over, since a pristine example just shattered the record GNX price, selling for $165,000 at Barrett-Jackson's Palm Beach auction.

Of course, this is no ordinary GNX: the odometer shows just 362 logged miles. Considering this is car number 387 of just 547 ever built, that's almost a travesty. Then again, that's also why it just went for 60k more than the next closest GNX.

What does having so few miles mean, exactly? Well, it still has the plastic on the seats from when it left the factory. You don't get any more original than that.

A turbocharged V6 with a very underrated 245 hp helped the car get to 0-60 in well under five seconds.

Fun Fact: It was built by McLaren. Sorta.

McLaren Performance Technologies did the engine. MPT was founded by Bruce McLaren as the North American race engine-builder for McLaren racing. It still exists, but as a separate company from the McLaren you know today.

HT: Yahoo