Mustang Has the Perfect Burnout Down to a Science

Is there anything in life more satisfying than pulling off a really good burnout? No idea? Well take a look at this video for a little vicarious action. We partnered up with Mustang’s You vs. You campaign to explore badass Mustangs past and present, and in this case, to show you what it’s like doing a burnout in the 2009 Mustang GT and the 2015 Mustang GT 5.0. Check out the video: Advertisement

Aside from being the coolest teenager… probably ever, Michelle Bongiovanni pulls off a sick burnout in the 2009 model that really turns heads. And she does it all over again with the ridiculously high-tech track apps and the electronic line-lock available in the 2015 Mustang (more on those later). 

Burnouts and the ’09 Mustang

What you probably didn’t know is that burnouts aren’t just for street tomfoolery; an expert spin is the key to getting a head start when drag racing. Starting a race with a rubbery screech will actually clean off the tires, get them warm, and help them keep a grip on the track. Of course a pro like Bongiovanni up there can manipulate the pedals to get the results she wants consistently, especially with the 8-cylinder, 300 hp muscle of the ’09 Mustang. 

Track Apps and the ’15 Mustang

But we’re not all pros, so we’ll need something more foolproof (read: an app that does it for us). That’s where track apps come in. They’re what made that burnout smooth as butter -- black, pungent, glorious butter. Will you need that 2015 Mustang Tech on your daily commute? Maybe not, unless you’re trying to score that last parking place. But with the electronic line lock -- which locks the front brakes and lets those back tires fly during a burnout -- and those aforementioned apps, the 2015 Mustang GT 5.0 is crazy futuristic and totally track-friendly, complete with a 435 hp V8.

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