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Watch Mustang Make Speed Bumps Obsolete

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Chances are, you don’t live in a magical town where potholes don’t exist, but even if you did, Mustang would have you covered. Check out that You vs. You video down there with Cristián de la Fuente showing you how the 2015 Mustang’s independent rear suspension can handle anything, regardless of your real life town’s incredibly awful roads.

Cristián de la Fuente is a self-proclaimed Mustang obsessive. And in this vid, what he’s really showing us is the difference in handling that the suspension makes on a car.

Live Axles and the ’14 Mustang 

The advantage of live axles like in the 2014 Mustang is that they are great for driving in a straight line for direct speed. The ’14 opts for the classic beam axles, giving it more oomph on the straight away.

IRS and the ’15 Mustang

In the ’15, the independent suspension ride is really smooth around hairpin turns thanks to that IRS technology, which gives it that slick cornering seen up there. At the end of the day, both cars have 435 hp and 400 lb.-ft of torque, offering the goosebump-inducing roar so familiar to Mustang lovers.

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