BMW Just Russia-Proofed The X5

As we've now learned from literally hundreds of thousands of horrifying dash-cam videos, Russia can be a pretty horrifying place to drive. Though they probably weren't inspired solely by the motherland's endless videos, BMW's engineers have just Russia-proofed the X5, dropping a heavily armored version of the SUV called the X5 Security Plus at the Moscow Auto Show.

It starts off life as an ordinary X5, albeit a top-of-the-line model. Combining a 450 hp twin turbo V8 with all-wheel drive goodness means most of the armor plating will just be a speck on the horizon before angry bears/falling meteors/Putin's cronies have a chance to test it out.

If, however, they do manage to get a shot off...VR6-level protection means you've got the luxury of mocking your would-be assailants while they fire off round after round. It's literally designed to stop an AK-47 at virtually point blank range. We won't repeat ourselves, but maybe read that last sentence again. 

The best part is, other than some unusual dark lines around the obviously thick windows, the armor does very little to alter the appearance of the X5, so it's still a nice, serene interior in which you can cruise safely though Moscow.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. If there were a Cannonball Run-style race across Russia, he'd want to be in this. Follow him to safety on Twitter.