Meet The Future Of Audi: The A9 'Prologue'

Introducing Audi's latest concept car. No, Prologue isn't ever going to be produced as is, but you'll see certain aspects of it rolling out in various forms across the Audi lineup in the coming years. This isn't idle speculation; it's the official word from Audi, who refer to the Prologue as its "signature car." 

In a sense, it's a concept car that doubles as a window into the future, and the future looks good.

You can expect some of the design elements to start appearing on production cars over the next few years.

The grille, for example, is much lower and wider than anything you can buy from Audi today. Those headlights are primarily lasers, which Audi has shown off before, but it also has fiber-optic panels that diffuse the light as needed.

The entire dashboard is basically one huge touchscreen, so that the physical lines of the car actually serve a function, especially for passengers looking to play with different settings. Not that they'd need to.

The car's programmed to recognize different passengers based on their smartphones, and to adjust everything from seating position to temperature control according to their individual preferences.

It also changes what information is displayed based on how you happen to be driving at any given moment, allowing you to stay as well-informed as possible.

The car is seriously smart. If there are no passengers in the back, the headrests will remain down, out of the driver's line of sight.

The audio system's the same way, with a set of shelf speakers behind the rear seats that only pop up if music is being played. 

The Audi faithful will find hints of past glories in the car's lines, like exaggerated wheel arches that are an homage to the ever-classic Quattro. But the taillights are something else entirely; they're 3D and part of a concept that Audi claims gives them an effect of motion, as if they're moving out toward you. How was all that for an introduction?

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. If every car in the future looks this good, he's sure everything's gonna be alright.