This Electric Sedan Will Utterly Dominate Tesla

Published On 02/17/2015 Published On 02/17/2015
The Tesla-Killing Quant F

Last year, QUANT's parent company—a European Research firm called nanoFlowcell—said they could power a car with little more than charged water. That car was the QUANT e-Sportlimousine and it held great the same sense that Tony Little's Gazelle promised to turn you in to the most fit guy in the room. Then, QUANT dropped the bombshell that its engineers already designed the car, and it's not only an extremely powerful sedan that can bury even the fastest Tesla, but it's already approved for road testing in Europe. 

Now those engineers are back with something new: Meet the QUANT F. It might look like its predecessor, but it's been completely redone and now boasts a range of 500 miles and a Tesla-murdering 1,075 horsepower.


The car's all wheel drive, but to make it even better, the computers disengage the front wheels at ultra-high speed to aid stability. And at 186 mph, you'll need all the stability you can get, which is why the car now has an active spoiler that raises up at highway speeds.


The entirety of the carbon fiber chassis has been tweaked to make the car more livable, but it retains the always cool gull-wing doors. And, as a bonus, the headlights are designed to project a "Q".

In theory, this is a much more sophisticated car than a Tesla, and the next step for QUANT is crash testing the car in both America and Germany. After that, the only thing left for QUANT is to actually build the friggin' car already!

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He still has questions over the technology involved, but he's intrigued by the idea of refillable charging tanks.



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