The McLaren P1 GTR Doesn't Care For Fat People

Published On 10/27/2014 Published On 10/27/2014
McLaren P1 GTR
All Photos: McLaren

The McLaren P1 GTR is an excellent way to spend your money. Sure, it's seven figures, but you get a 986 hp hybrid supercar that takes a back seat to nothing and makes the regular McLaren P1 look like a luxury sedan by comparison.

But uh, let's hope you've been hitting the gym. Its performance is so far beyond anything you can comprehend that McLaren has developed its own workout regimen specifically for anyone who buys the car, basically so you don't kill the car your first time out. Or yourself.

Underneath that gorgeous-yet-sinister exterior is a car that's about as all business as you get. There's no sound deadening anywhere to be found, and there's not an ounce of padding on the seats...which are so narrow you've got to be in decent shape to even fit in them.

Then you get to the steering wheel. Its design was taken from the McLaren's 2008 championship-winning Formula One challenger. Each one of those buttons and dials does something different to the performance of the car.

In other words, this isn't something you can just get in and drive with no preparation.

With that in mind, the workout regimen is based off the one McLaren uses for its F1 drivers, but it's tailored specifically to the P1 GTR, so you have exactly the right preparation for your specific car.

But what's that mean, exactly? Well, you get to travel to the McLaren Technology Centre, a building so advanced it features a manmade lake built purely to provide cooling for the company's massive wind tunnel.

Once there, the program starts off with physical training inside McLaren's fitness and wellbeing area. Yup, that's an indoor pool at a car factory. The point is to not only get you in physical shape in terms of your core and your stamina, but to get your reflexes up to snuff, as well.

Even if you're in top shape, McLaren won't consider you fit to drive the car until you've spent plenty of time in their world-class simulator. Remember that in-home simulator you can get for $50 grand? It's basically the bargain-basement model compared to this. Learning to drive isn't the only thing; it's learning how to adjust every single thing on your car to maximize the performance.

Finally, after you've physically morphed into an Adonis and you know the technical aspects of the car inside out and backwards, they'll fly the car—and an entire crew—to half a dozen race tracks around the world where your only job will be to show up, drive the car, have fun, and not die.

Provided your check clears, of course.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He would give almost anything to partake in McLaren's program.



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