Corvette's New Racecar Is 100% Street-Legal

Published On 04/24/2015 Published On 04/24/2015

The folks at Chevy know how passionate Corvette fans are about the car's lineage, so for 2016, the already mind-blowingly fast Z06 is getting a healthy dose of Corvette's racing history. Meet the 2016 Corvette Z06 C7.R Edition. It's a street-legal race car.


Available only in yellow with black accents or vice versa, the C7.R Edition is an homage to Corvette's factory racing effort. Note the visual parallels to the actual C7.R race car (see above). The high contrast paint scheme continues with yellow brake calipers, and a host of new carbon fiber elements, not to mention, a slew of unique interior accents. As GM puts it, the aim is to show off "the direct link between the race car and the production model.”


What does that mean? The C7.R Edition features the Z07 performance package, which gives it those monstrous carbon ceramic brakes, high-tech magnetic shock absorbers, and a 650 horsepower, supercharged V8 engine. Put simply, it's the fastest Corvette you've ever been allowed to buy.

It won't technically be on sale until later this year, but with just 500 made, chances are the clock's already running out.



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