This Mercedes AMG Cigarette Boat Has 3100 HP

For a few years now, Mercedes AMG has been partnering with Cigarette Racing to release a string of boats that will obliterate, well, pretty much anything. The two companies just did it again, and the result's the matte black and yellow stunner you're no doubt drooling over.

It's called the Cigarette Racing 50 Marauder GT S Concept, and it's designed to complement the 2016 Mercedes-AMG GT S. That is, if you've got a spare $1,200,000 on standby.

As a collab effort with AMG, the Marauder's supposed to bring attention to the AMG GT S, which is in and of itself none too shabby, especially with 503 hp coming from its twin turbo V8.

Then you sneak a peek under the Marauder's "hood" and are rewarded with one of the most powerful peep shows you'll ever see: two engines, both built by the legendary Mercury Marine (it's also done engines for Lotus and Corvette, so it's no stranger to power). Each of the engines puts out 1,550 hp.

For those who never paid attention in math class, that's 3,100 hp, or to use a more appropriate unit of measurement, 3.1 Veyrons.

Because this is a race boat, Cigarette Racing's engineers spent tons of time making it as sleek and lightweight as possible. As a result, the 50-foot long boat's just eight feet wide, and is 1,000 pounds lighter than other boats of a similar construction.

So, what's that mean exactly? All that power combines with the hull's properties to enable a top speed somewhere in excess of 135 mph (even the engineers haven't topped it out yet). Going that fast on water's immensely more difficult than doing so on land, so the controls are all computerized, all the displays are HD, and everything uses Bluetooth to connect to the navigation and audio systems...which are next-gen units from Garmin and Cigarette.

The black and yellow seats echo the paint on the exterior, which leaves absolutely no doubt which boat you're looking at.

It's that awfully fast black and yellow blur blazing past the horizon.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He's been on a boat, but not at 135 mph.