Zero To Sex In 2 Seconds: Meet The Mercedes AMG GT Race Car

Published On 03/02/2015 Published On 03/02/2015
Mercedes-Benz AMG GT3

When Mercedes debuted the AMG GT and GT-S last year, it made no bones about the fact that it's a sports car squarely aimed at the Porsche 911 and 911 Turbo. But Porsche’s legend is built on the race track, so to truly rival the rear-engined racers, the GT simply has to compete.

Enter the Mercedes AMG GT3, coming soon to race tracks around the world.


First off, the AMG GT3 will be track only. While many manufacturers are turning to smaller, turbocharged engines a la the new Ford GT, Mercedes has stuck with the old adage that, "there’s no replacement for displacement," dropping the entirety of the outgoing SLS AMG’s mighty 6.2 liter naturally-aspirated V8 into the almost entirely aluminum and carbon fiber frame of the AMG GT3.


While no official power or weight numbers have been revealed, expect the horsepower number to be high (around 600), while the weight to be very low. In other words, the only thing more sinister than the way this bad boy looks is going to be how quickly it devours tracks.


Inside, it's hard to mistake it for anything other than a thoroughbred race car, with a steering wheel that has more in common with a championship-winning Formula One cars than a road car.

You can buy the GT3, too, as part of AMG's customer racing package. Of course, you'll need enough money not just to buy the car, but to support its racing endeavors for a whole season.

Your move, Porsche.

John Munson once raced a Formula 2000 car at Lime Rock. He crashed it. Follow his adventures on instagram @jwmunson



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