911 Killer? Mercedes Is Gunning For Porsche With The New AMG GT

Published On 09/09/2014 Published On 09/09/2014

Mercedes just took the wrapper off the much anticipated AMG GT. Here's the short version: It's a 500 hp beauty that can hit 60 mph in 3.7 seconds as it climbs towards a top speed of over 190 mph. Porsche's 911 and Jaguar's F Type are now officially at war.

Look carefully at the lines and you'll notice that the visible heft of the car is located toward the rear. Combined with some fancy engineering involving a lot of aluminum up front and a little steel in back, and tricks like putting the transmission out back, they've managed to get 53% of the car's overall mass toward the rear.

Of course, helping in that regard is the fact that Mercedes has managed to mount the twin turbo V8 so far back in the engine bay that it's behind the front axle line—in other words, this is technically a mid-engined car.

The interior design draws on elements from both aviation and racing, with plenty of brushed aluminum accents along a dash that's shaped, according to Mercedes anyway, like a wing, and dials that fit inside a console that's intentionally reminiscent of a NACA duct, like you'd find on a race car.

As part of Mercedes' attempt to make the car excel not just on the track, but in daily driver duties, the car's adjustable not just in terms of suspension and engine, but in the note of the exhaust. Simply push a button and go from a subdued luxury car grumble to an all-out V8 scream.

Even the suspension and transmission mounts are adjustable, softening up for reduced noise, vibration, and harshness during normal driving, and getting stiffer during sport or track use.

Will it beat a 911 or a F Type on the track or in the sales department? Time will tell, but it's now squarely in the conversation.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's looking forward to giving this one a proper test in a few months' time. Until then, you can follow him on Twitter.



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