Yamaha's New Scrambler Has Ducati In Its Sights

Yamaha Motor UK just released images and specs for its new throwback scrambler, the 2016 XSR700 ABS, which made two things abundantly clear. The first is that they went all out in creating a breathtaking retro motorcycle, down to the treads. The second? Yamaha is absolutely gunning for Ducati's spot on top of the scrambler food chain.   

The vintage inspired scrambler takes the best of Yamaha's history and serves it up in a shiny new package. The front and rear light units wouldn't have looked out of place a few decades back, and its leather seat is a blast from the past as well. 

This beast only looks vintage. Everything that really counts is brand new, top-of-the-line tech. Its liquid- cooled 689cc inline two-cylinder engine features Yamaha's special "crossplane philosophy", which allows it to develop linear torque for top-level acceleration.  

Check out the tread pattern on the Pirelli Phantom "tyres," as they're known across the pond, perfectly suited for street riding.  

The only problem? We in the US will very likely never have the privilege of this bad boy gracing our streets. As of now, the scrambler is a UK exclusive. Given the opportunity, we'd welcome it—and the ensuing battle for scrambler supremacy—to our shores. For now, all we can do is look at it with lust, imagining the rides we could have if it were here.

Brett Williams is an editorial assistant at Supercompressor. He's not picking a side in this yet.

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