The Mustang I being sculpted
Fact #1

The guys who designed the first mustang looked, smoked, and acted like Don Draper.

Mustang Mach I, as a clay model
Fact #2

And when it was done, it was almost as fast as an F1 car.

Mustang I's concept advertising
Fact #3

Madison Avenue understood the sex appeal of the first 'Stang.

Mustang II Concept Sketch from 1963
Fact #4

The second Mustang design was basically done by George Jetson.

Ford Mustang II Clay Model
Fact #5

And as it progressed, it got rounder and rounder.

Was the Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS the inspiration for the Mustang?
Fact #6

Allegedly though, that styling was inspired by this Alfa Romeo.

1963 Mustang sketch
Fact #6 Cont.

Can you spot the resemblance?

Early Ford Cougar Drawings
Fact #7

For a long time, that Mustang was going to be a Cougar.

Cougar badges and emblems from 1963
Fact #7 Cont.

No, seriously: it was really gonna be called Cougar.

Mustang Pony Logo
Fact #8

The decision to stick with Mustang has nothing to do with SMU.

A Mustang with a running horse emblem from 9.27.63
Fact #8 Cont.

Here's the proof.

Captain Stanley Tucker's 1964.5 Mustang
Fact #9

There are different stories of the first Mustang sold.

The Mustang, in an early advertisement aimed at secretaries
Fact #10

Early Mustang ads positioned it as the perfect car for your secretary.

A Mustang Station Wagon Concept from 1966
Fact #11

There was almost a Mustang 'Aspen' station wagon.

Logo running right to left in 1962
Fact #12

The Mustang logo supposedly runs right to left because of Manifest Destiny.

A 1962 Clay Model, with the Emblem running left to right.
Fact #13

And it almost had oval headlights.

The Mach II was a spiritual succesor to the Mustang I
Fact #14

The Mach II prototype looked like a european supercar.

Mustang Mach I Front-hinged hood
Fact #15

They thought about some pretty radical engine bay designs.

The Mach I Prototype's Pivot Seat
Fact #16

The original Mach I had a pivot seat.

Shelby Mustang fog lights in the center of the grille
Fact #17

The really awesome-looking fog lights on early Shelby Mustangs caused overheating.

Shelby Mustang fog lights, spaced out for better cooling
Fact #17 Cont.

So they spaced them out.

Mustang Milano Concept
Fact #18

The Mustang Milano concept was basically part Shelby GT500, part Torino.

The 1980 Mustang IMSA
Fact #19

The Mustang IMSA is the most hardcore track Mustang Ford never produced.

The Mustang IMSA Interior
Fact #19 Cont.


The Ghia-designed Mustang RSX
Fact #20

Ford bought iconic Italian design firm Ghia, and stuff like this happened.

The McLaren Mustang Partnership was boss
Fact #21

Oh yeah, and there was a McLaren Mustang.

Guigiaro Mustang, 2007
Fact #22

Legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro did a mustang with Lambo Doors.

Lee Iacocca
Fact #23

Lee Iacocca, father of the Mustang, is still alive.