The Mustang I being sculpted
The guys who designed the first mustang looked, smoked, and acted like Don Draper.
Mustang Mach I, as a clay model
And when it was done, it was almost as fast as an F1 car.
Mustang I's concept advertising
Madison Avenue understood the sex appeal of the first 'Stang.
Mustang II Concept Sketch from 1963
The second Mustang design was basically done by George Jetson.
Ford Mustang II Clay Model
And as it progressed, it got rounder and rounder.
Was the Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS the inspiration for the Mustang?
Allegedly though, that styling was inspired by this Alfa Romeo.
1963 Mustang sketch
Can you spot the resemblance?
Early Ford Cougar Drawings
For a long time, that Mustang was going to be a Cougar.
Cougar badges and emblems from 1963
No, seriously: it was really gonna be called Cougar.
Mustang Pony Logo
The decision to stick with Mustang has nothing to do with SMU.
A Mustang with a running horse emblem from 9.27.63
Here's the proof.
Captain Stanley Tucker's 1964.5 Mustang
There are different stories of the first Mustang sold.
The Mustang, in an early advertisement aimed at secretaries
Early Mustang ads positioned it as the perfect car for your secretary.
A Mustang Station Wagon Concept from 1966
There was almost a Mustang 'Aspen' station wagon.
Logo running right to left in 1962
The Mustang logo supposedly runs right to left because of Manifest Destiny.
A 1962 Clay Model, with the Emblem running left to right.
And it almost had oval headlights.
The Mach II was a spiritual succesor to the Mustang I
The Mach II prototype looked like a european supercar.
Mustang Mach I Front-hinged hood
They thought about some pretty radical engine bay designs.
The Mach I Prototype's Pivot Seat
The original Mach I had a pivot seat.
Shelby Mustang fog lights in the center of the grille
The really awesome-looking fog lights on early Shelby Mustangs caused overheating.
Shelby Mustang fog lights, spaced out for better cooling
So they spaced them out.
Mustang Milano Concept
The Mustang Milano concept was basically part Shelby GT500, part Torino.
The 1980 Mustang IMSA
The Mustang IMSA is the most hardcore track Mustang Ford never produced.
The Mustang IMSA Interior
The Ghia-designed Mustang RSX
Ford bought iconic Italian design firm Ghia, and stuff like this happened.
The McLaren Mustang Partnership was boss
Oh yeah, and there was a McLaren Mustang.
Guigiaro Mustang, 2007
Legendary designer Giorgetto Giugiaro did a mustang with Lambo Doors.
Lee Iacocca
Lee Iacocca, father of the Mustang, is still alive.