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28 Vintage Ferraris To Beautify Your Wednesday

For some, Ferraris are a source of inspiration, rolling artistic gems to be idolized as gods of the road. For others, they are a symbol of one man's ruthless ambition to build the best race cars he possibly could.

As with most legends, the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but there can be little question that Ferrari has always been and will likely forever remain one of the most distinctive marques on the road. Below are 28 gorgeous cars that embody Enzo Ferrari's legacy, all of which were constructed while the old man was still alive. 

May your desktop rejoice. 

Even in black and white, this 1964 275 GTB/C Speciale is breathtakingly beautiful. One of only three made, it's a purpose-built racer, with body panels so thin and light that they'd almost bend if you blew on them hard enough.

This is that same car, fifty years on. If only all 50-year-olds could look so nice.

The 250 GTO, meanwhile, was utterly dominant in its day, and is rightly on any list of great race cars.

If you've ever wondered what the term grand tourer really meant, picture driving in this down the Riviera, and you'll get it.

Sure, this is just a normal 275 GTB/4 that happened to sell for eight figures over the summer.

One slightly relevant point: these pictures were taken give or take at the same time Steve McQueen owned the car. You can take that as an endorsement for its everlasting coolness.

Fun fact: Enzo hated the Dinos so much that at first he didn't even want them to have the Prancing Horse. Then it turned out they were really, really good handling cars.

There might not be another car that better sums up the 1980s than the Testarossa.

Whenever you see a car with three seats and the steering wheel in the middle and think "that's just like the McLaren F1 setup," just remember the craziest Ferrari ever made did it first.

Oft-forgotten fact: The 288 GTO formed a significant basis for the last car Enzo ever oversaw prior to his death.

Which is, of course, the incomparable F40.

Sometimes you've just got to admire the fact that there are people who still take these things out on track.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. His favorite Ferrari is in this piece, and it's almost definitely not what you'd think.