7 Airstreams On eBay That'd Make Matthew McConaughey Jealous

"I named the Airstream the Canoe. I mean, the highways are like riverways, they’re just concrete."—Airstream enthusiast Matthew McConaughey, talking to Architectural Digest about his trailer.

These impeccable Airstreams will leave you uttering "alright alright alright" before you even hit the end of the page. 

1964 22ft Safari

Take a vintage Airstream, renovate the interior, and you've got the idea here. Everything from the A/C, to the countertops, to the water lines has been replaced, and the owners were so intent on keeping its 1960s feel that that the original toilet was rebuilt. [See more]

1957 16ft Bubble Trailer

The bubble trailers are all about maximizing efficiency, so there's a bench in front as well as a dinette area that both convert to beds. It's been completely redone, and even with the mahogany floors, the total weight is only 2000 pounds, so you can tow it with an ordinary SUV. [See more]

2005 25ft International

With kitchenware designed for use in yachts surrounded by a stone galley, and porcelain sinks in a teak-lined bathroom, this one's a pretty sweet modern trailer that's basically a mobile guest house-slash getaway office. [See more]

1985 Sovereign Camper

Fresh off a restoration, this camper has two fireplaces—that's one for each TV—a safe hidden in the closet, custom skylights, butcher block-style counters, and new bamboo floors. Basically, it's nicer than your apartment. [See more]

1968 26ft Overlander Land Yacht

You don't often find vehicles of any sort that are completely untouched after nearly five decades of service, let alone a shiny Airstream trailer. That's the case here, though. Outside of the plumbing system, it's as original as the day it was built...which happens to be about a year before Woodstock. [See more]

1994 34ft Excella

At 34 feet, this trailer's long enough to be mistaken for a less-than-permanent home. A full sized bed and wood paneling make it an excellent starting point for a rolling mansion. Plus, you can pick it up for less than $10,000, provided you've got a truck to tow it with. [See more]

2005 Classic M-30/Slide

See the part that slides out toward's the front? That's your dining room. The flooring is all new, and the trailer comes with power jacks that help stabilize everything so you don't have to mess with it yourself or worry about tipping over. [See more]

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor, and can be found on Twitter. He’s trying to figure out how to tow one of these without a truck.