Here's A Kawasaki Bull-fighting Drag Bike

Every now and then a bike comes along that just does things differently. This one’s called La Bestia, Spanish for “The Beast," because that’s exactly what it is: a turbocharged, 230 hp Kawasaki KZ1000 built by a pair of brothers in Madrid with a history of smelting metal.

The sons of a noted Spanish sculptor took to bike-building as a means of merging their twin interests of vintage motorcycles and making clay molds for molten metal. Most of the detailed trim pieces you see on this bike were made by pouring liquid aluminum into a cast.

The cowl, fuel tank, and seat are made from a single piece of aluminum, with time spent filing and polishing to make it exactly perfect. Note the ridge leading to the speedometer.

Making such a huge part of the bike from a single piece of metal was challenging, but ultimately yielded a bike with zero weld lines or seams. Anywhere.

For the engine, the first step was to mix and match components from other Kawasakis to get the displacement up to 1327 cc, then, after installing the aforementioned turbocharger, forging everything from the exhaust cover to the protective casing on the turbo.

There are three benefits to giving the front forks the extreme angle that this bike has: 1) it shifts the center of gravity forward to help minimize the inevitable wheelies that arise on a 230 hp bike; 2) it gives the bike the stance that Valtoron was going for; 3) it looks great during bullfights. No, really; there’s actually a bike vs bullfighter video. Check it out right here.

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He's never seen anyone smelt their own parts for a bike before. He finds that really impressive and cool.