This All-Terrain Motorhome Is Nicer Than Your Apartment

When picking up a vehicle that looks like it belongs in an ominous government convoy in a disaster movie, you'd assume that you'd have to sacrifice comfort and convenience in the name of sheer badassery. Turns out, you can really have it all. Action Mobil's Global XRS 7200 might look like it could drive through a brick wall and survive the apocalypse, but once you open the doors, you'll feel right at home. 

As its name suggests, the XRS is made for global cruises, as in driving all over the globe, no matter what. With its rugged off-road tires and sturdy design, the only thing stopping you from driving clear across the map is the ocean. All that, and a hydraulic lift in the back for your motorcycle, and solar panels to store power for your internal energy needs.

If you're planning on driving all over the globe, you should probably have a pretty good place to crash—and with the XRS you will. It has a full kitchen, a furnished living area, bathroom, washing machine, power management system, Bose speaker system and mounted flatscreen, and bunk style sleeping area. It's got just about everything you could hope for in an apartment—on indestructible wheels.

This is, of course, a special order vehicle, so head here if you're planning on driving across the globe. Once you have it though, you'll be set. This thing will make it through anything. 

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