Filson's Limited Edition Jeep Is One Handsome Beast

In this age of unremitting collaboration, it's easy for brands to be blinded by the alluring glare of so-called synergy and miss the mark completely by pairing up with someone who doesn't quite fit.

Then, there are the brands that completely knock it out of the park. Meet the 2014 AEV Wrangler Filson Edition, a limited edition Wrangler collaboration between American Expedition Vehicles and Filson that truly embodies brand harmony on a powerful scale.

It's the second year in a row the two have teamed up on a special edition Jeep. This model (available with two or four doors) marries the highest-quality parts and accessories available for the Wrangler from AEV with design touches on both the exterior and interior that capture the ruggedly luxe look and feel of Filson's luggage and apparel.

In addition to the myriad AEV add-ons, from a front skid plate and water pump kit to a double cab rear bumper and DualSport SC suspension, it rocks a Filson green paint job, with Filson-branded badging all over.

Once you hop in, things get even better, with plush front and back seats decked out in Filson's signature chocolate leather and twill.

And it wouldn't be a Filson-sanctioned vehicle if it didn't come with its very own custom storage bag, custom fit to the bulkhead, not to mention a Filson original camo-printed briefcase and duffle to use for your travels.

Altogether, it's so dapperly appointed, you may feel weird wiling out behind the wheel, but don't worry, that's exactly what it was built for. 

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor. His Filson Dopp kit may or may not be one of his most prized possession.