All-Wheel Drive Dirt Bikes Are The Two-Wheeled Future

Chances are, you’ve seen guys riding the dirt bikes Christini has been pumping out for well over a decade. Christini was among the first companies to figure out how to have an all-wheel drive bike, and in the years since, it’s been the bike of choice for countless X Games riders.

It started as an engineering project by a couple of university students after one of 'em had some rear traction issues while mountain biking on a muddy course. It evolved into a bicycle so rugged and so utterly useful that Jeep partnered with them to build the Rubicon bike.

Christini wasn’t the first company to bring an all-wheel drive bike to the market, but its drive system is substantially different. A complex linkage system connects the gears from where you pedal and runs that energy down the forks, eventually driving the front wheel—but only when the rear wheel begins to slip.

The real advantage of the system, though, is when you’re not supplying the power. Fitted to a proper dirt bike (in addition to their own bikes, it makes conversion kits to fit Honda and KTM), it not only means you’ll never get stuck, but you’ll have added control in tight confines.

Of course, like any company with ambitions, it's now making inroads elsewhere. Christini recently paired with Loaded Gun Customs to launch the first cafe racer, which is now orderable via LGC. 

Aaron Miller is the Rides editor for Supercompressor. He was tempted to call Christini “the Subaru of bikes”, but that wouldn’t have been fair to Audi.