This Bulletproof Truck Will Laugh Every Other SUV Off The Road

Published On 02/26/2015 Published On 02/26/2015

Unless you're a head of state, drug kingpin, or bounty hunting mercenary, cruising around in a tank-sized SUV isn't all that practical. But then again, practicality flies directly out the window once you've been behind the wheel of the Rhino GX, the latest set of hand-built wheels from the team at US Specialty Vehicles.


Built on the chassis of a Ford F450 Super Duty 4x4, each one of these beasts is hand crafted to stand up to whatever war zone-worthy conditions you put it in. It dwarfs other 8-passenger luxury SUVs both size-wise and in durability and power, thanks to its 18-gauge steel body and behemoth V10 engine.

Inside, you've got options. A full leather interior and many top-of-the-line amenities you'd expect come standard, but since each one is custom-built, the way things are configured is entirely up to you.

And if the matte black exterior isn't your "color", they've also rolled out a military green version. Either way, you won't get much flack from road ragers when cruising through traffic.

Joe McGauley is a senior editor at Supercompressor, and would not want to have to pay to refuel this thing.



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